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Explore the wonderful Skellig Michael with Pat Joe Murphy Operating boat tours to Skellig for over 30 years!

ECO (around the islands) TRIPS availabe - Book in advance to secure your spot as tours are limited to 12 passengers per day!


Skellig Michael Tours

The Skellig Islands, Skellig Michael and Small Skellig, stand aloof in the Atlantic Ocean some 13km southwest of Portmagee & Valentia Island, County Kerry. From any angle, or from any vantage point on the nearby Ring of Kerry, they are spectacular pinnacles, which have magnetised viewers for generations. 




Murphys offer boat tours to Skellig Michael daily from Portmagee during the summer months. There are many imitators but only a few are the original boatmen to the islands. Patrick Murphy is the Skipper of the wonderful "Shelluna". Patrick was born & raised in the beautiful village of Portmagee and lives in the village. With over 30 years of captaining boats on the atlantic, you know you are in safe hands.

Murphys Sea Cruises was established in the 1980's, at the time there were only a few boatmen "licensed" to go to the Great Skellig. Patrick & crew have brought thousands of people to and from the islands and promises them a trip of a life time.

Now taking reservations  for 2023 - book in advance to secure your spot!

About the Skelligs & Murphys


"A lovely boat trip going around the smaller Skellig to view the birds on the way to Skellig Michael. The boat drivers were really helpful, friendly and informative with a lovely enthusiasm about nature, we were fortunate to see jumping dolphins and a baby seal. A reall fantgastic experience."

"There are a dozen purveyors of trips to the Skelligs, but you'll feel confident about your boating safety if you choose Pat Joe Murphy, Captain of the beautiful Shelluna. Pat Joe has a yellow cottage office down the road and across the street from the Portmagee docks (picture included), but everyone in the area knows him to call for you to arrange your passage. On the trip back, Pat Joe stopped alongside LIttle Skellig, a bird and sea lion colony, so that we could take photos of the tremendous wildlife. The smooth ride, both there and back, was in large part enjoyed because of Pat Joe's skill at the helm. I would recommend this adventure for preteens and older. I had quite a memorable day!"

"Very enjoyable experience. We set off on time and the journey was very comfortable. It was a beautiful day and the crossing wasn't difficult. Skellig Michael was amazing. Murphy Cruises were professional and I have no problem recommending them for the trip."


The Skelligs are world famous, each in its own right. Skellig Michael is known throughout the world of archaeology as the site of a well preserved monastic outpost of the early Christian period, now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Small Skellig is equally renowned in matters of ornithology as the home of some 27,000 pairs of gannets, the second largest colony of such sea birds in the world. 


The monastic site on Skellig Micheal is reached by climbing over five hundred steps on up a 1000 year old stone stairway. Stone beehive huts where monks lived and prayed centuries ago cling to cliff edges alongside oratories, a cemetery, stone crosses, holy wells and the Church of St Michael. These isolated archaeological remains show the dramatically spartan conditions in which this early Christian community lived. Enduring several Viking raids, the monks eventually left the island in the thirteenth century and it subsequently became a place of pilgrimage. 

A boat trip to The Skelligs allows one to experience these magnificent natural monuments first hand, book with Murphys today and experience the trip of a lifetime tomorrow.

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